Writing master’s theses

Master’s theses

In the majority of non-technical majors of uniform studies and second-cycle studies, in addition to medical and veterinary majors, writing and defending a master thesis is the culmination of the education process and entitles the graduate to use a master’s degree and practice. In addition to verification of the knowledge acquired during studies, the function of master’s thesis defense is to prove the student’s readiness to work in such aspects as the ability to present the theory in a critical manner, collect and appropriate documentation of knowledge, collect the necessary scientific materials, and present and scientific interpretation of research results . The correct writing of a scientific work consists, in addition, in compliance with the formal standards required in the scientific study regarding the structure of work, the presentation of bibliographies and footnotes, graphic materials and summaries in the tables, and even the correct formatting.

Master’s theses may have a theoretical or research character. In the first case, the emphasis is put on making an interesting review of scientific theories in a given field of knowledge. This type of MA thesis is particularly appreciated if the author invokes in them, inter alia, the latest scientific publications and conference papers or the area of knowledge to which the work relates, and has not been systematized in English scientific literature so far. In particular, graduates dreaming about doctoral studies and continuing their academic careers at the university should pay attention to the innovativeness of their study.

Scientific research works embedded in a specific theoretical order, however, concentrate on the analysis of the results of the study based on own data or existing data. At that time the aim of the work is an experiment aimed at verifying the research hypothesis set in the work. In order for a project to meet the requirements set before it, it must meet the conditions of a research methodology dedicated to a given area of knowledge.

Master’s theses – what can we help?

Writing an interesting and fulfilling formal thesis is not a simple matter. It is not surprising that in many areas students declare the subject of the thesis and start the MA seminars already in the fourth year. Knowledge gathering, data collection and analysis are time-consuming and require systematic work. Many students, despite the huge commitment, do not come easily, especially that “master’s degree” is their first scientific work for them. Our portal was created just to offer slightly-awaited future masters graduates the expected support.

Our editors, behind whom we have many years of experience, offer to write master’s theses – they are not afraid of taking even seemingly difficult challenges. Thanks to up-to-date knowledge and following new products in their fields, they are perfectly aware of the prevailing trends. They offer their help at the first stage, ie the choice of a topic that will allow you to create an innovative and interesting study. The choice of subject should be based, among other things, on the availability of literature, because the theoretical part of the work requires in-depth analysis and numerous items in the bibliography, which the author invokes.

If the topic is pre-assigned or the student is particularly interested in a certain area of knowledge, we are also able to help in the next stages of work. Meetings with the promoter, during which the topic and structure of work is agreed upon is the only stage on which the editor can not help the student. In practice, the work promoter often has its own specific requirements and his comments and suggestions should be taken into account. For this reason, during meetings with the promoter, we recommend that you accurately record the instructions given or, if necessary, use the voice recorder. This will greatly improve the work of the editor, and the student will help in meeting the expectations of your tutor in relation to the master’s thesis.

Knowing the expectations, the editor is able to offer his help at the next stage – that is, creating a work plan, outline or bibliography. We are happy to share our knowledge, creating a work project in the theoretical, methodological and research part.

We believe that the “skeleton” of work proposed by us will inspire you to continue working, conceptual work, theoretical considerations and possibly carry out research and analysis and inference. However, if you still need help, we offer you support in the next stages of creating a job. We guarantee a wide review of theoretical literature and fulfillment of all formal criteria for bibliography, formatting and methodology in research. We know that writing master’s theses is not easy, that’s why we offer support and our professionalism.

What kind of editor’s support can you count on?

Selection of the topic of the work, together with an indication of research problems, making hypotheses and selection of effective tools in the case of research.

Collection of a bibliography corresponding to the scope of work.

Collection of required scientific materials.

Demonstrating at work a skillful use of literature and combining it with the effect of own research and analysis.

Discussing the research in a critical way.

Making a logical selection of the issues raised.

Writing the entire work or part of it, taking into account the requirements of scientific development.

Logical inference based on available material.

Writing master’s theses by our editors, takes place only with the use of proven and widely recognized scientific sources. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your work will meet all the criteria required for scientific development. The work created in each element has its reflection in the bibliography, and each statement refers to it through footnotes. The work is properly formatted, has the correct structure. If you are looking for the support of the highest class specialists in your fields, be sure to report to us.