Writing master’s and bachelor’s theses

Completion of studies at higher education does not mean the end of scientific work, because to obtain the coveted diploma, we still have to write master’s theses. If you want to defend it quickly, it is not worth writing this work to the last period of learning. The optimal time to write works is the beginning of the last year of study. It is enough time to be able to calmly prepare everything on time. When starting to write, the subject should be selected in such a way that our writing of works has a connection with the specialization we have had the opportunity to study. Thanks to the fact that we deal with topics that really interest us, analysis of relevant literature and performing relevant research will be much faster. Before we start writing bachelor’s thesis, it is necessary to obtain from the supervisor the knowledge related to the master’s thesis pattern that is valid at our university. We can also count on the promoter presenting us some examples of ready-made works. It is also worth remembering that having any trouble relating to the work we write should be absolutely discussed with the promoter.

Is the diploma thesis more difficult to study?

Students of various universities often bid between themselves who had a more difficult diploma thesis. Can it be compared at all? Master’s thesis on technical studies, first of all calculations, tests, laboratory experiments. This is often field work. There is not much descriptive text.

After all, this is not about technical studies, to write a novel. Bachelor’s thesis in humanities is completely different. There, mainly their own thoughts, their own interpretation of a topic. There are no calculations here, because what should we count? We guess the pages in the books. Which diploma thesis is therefore harder to write? Which requires more knowledge and commitment from us? This question can not be answered unequivocally. A student of humanities will not write a paper for technical studies and vice versa. A student of a technical university will not write a thesis from a humanities university. He will not write because he simply can not. There is nothing to bet on. Which field of study does this work.

Bachelor’s thesis English Philology

A serious challenge is waiting for you to write a master’s thesis or a BA thesis?

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