Sociology – writing works

We offer help in writing a Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis in the field of psychology and sociology, as well as other social sciences. The offer includes preparation of the outline for approval by the supervisor, writing the whole work together with all its elements, editing the text, possible corrections and constant contact until the end of cooperation.

The work is at a very high level both in terms of content and style, professionally formatted according to the requirements of the university and written in the scientific language used in the literature of the subject.

The sample work consists of the theoretical-methodological and research part, including:

  • admission
  • end
  • footnotes
  • rich bibliography
  • Table of Contents
  • tables and drawings
  • survey
  • diagrams

The average lead time is about a month. You do not have to pay in advance for the whole, as in other websites. With me you can pay for each chapter separately. We heartily encourage you to fill in the form and read the details.

A few examples of my work

Psychological mechanisms of the impact of advertising on the consumer on the example of the XYZ brand, 90 pages.

Attitudes of corporate employees towards consumption, 80 pages.

Anxiety as a limitation of a human act, 120 pages.

Mobbing as a phenomenon of social pathology, 75 pages.

Psychological support for officers of selected units of the State Fire Service in crisis situations, 80 pages.

Male and female beauty – cultural expectations for men and women, 50 pages.

Psychosocial effects of adolescence in a family with an alcohol problem, 85 pages.

The role of the media in the process of the individual’s socialization. Analysis of the problem based on the known theories of socialization, 40 pages.

Emotional and social consequences of divorce in the opinion of experienced people, 50 pages.

Contemporary models of femininity, 30 pages.

Ethical dilemmas of a social worker, 110 pages.

Transvestism as a specific sexual dysfunction, 50 pages.

Elderly loneliness on the example of XYZ residents, 100 pages.

Psychosocial effects of Internet addiction, 120 pages.

A woman in Islam. Literary image of the place of women in the contemporary Muslim world, 40 pages.

Suicidal thoughts in terminally ill people, 80 pages.

Psychology of good manners – a desirable employee model, 60 pages.

Psychological effects of unemployment on the example of a selected group, 85 pages.

A subculture of football fans in UK. An attempt at sociological analysis of the phenomenon on the example of fans, 40 pages.

Life aspirations of high school graduates, 120 pages.

Mobile phone as a communication medium – sociological analysis of the subject, 70 pages.

Workaholism as a social pathology, 80 pages.

English international migration within the free movement of people, 60 pages.

Creating a kibol image in an election newspaper, and social perception of fans, 70 pages.

Formation of the information society, 60 pages.

Professional activity of contemporary women, 80 pages.

Diversity of society and the influence and attitude of Americans to luxury (wealth), 100 pages.